Police Center by the Numbers


Projected cost in millions for the project. Some $20.3 million was shaved off the proposal voted down in November.


Projected property tax rate per $1,000 assessed value. For a $200,000 house that means an investment of $52 per year or $4.33 per month or 14 cents per day.


Salem’s population in 1972, when the Salem Civic Center debuted. Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” was a No. 1 hit that year.


Salem’s still-growing population, more than double what it was in ’72. A heart of gold – at the current price of more than$1,200 an ounce – would cost $13,200.



Square feet in Salem’s too-close-for-comfort police station. Things were smaller then. Today, the average Walmart is 104,000 square feet.


Square footage of the re-imagined home of Salem law enforcement. It will be four times larger than the outdated facility it replaces.



Date of the campaign kickoff party for the Friends of Salem Police